We are not the mcdonalds of qdros

Divorce Attorneys: If You Seek Precision Over Fast Food Fixes, We’re Your Team. If Not, We May Not Align.

I hope this finds you well. As many of you know, the journey we’ve embarked on together over the years at TOVA has been one of passion and dedication to redefining how divorce practitioners handle retirement settlements.

At TOVA, my team and I stand firm in our belief that your clients’ retirement savings warrant far more than the industry’s prevalent assembly-line approach.

This method, aimed at mass-producing services to meet expectations for the lowest possible price at the highest possible speed, is sadly common. We take pride in setting ourselves apart by asserting,

“We are not the McDonald’s of QDROs”!

In my monthly programs, I teach divorce lawyers best practices and how to avoid chronic errors, use outdated pension practices, oversimplified methods that lead to mistakes and unhappy clients. I stress the need to value marital share before agreements are signed, identify retirement plans accurately and write clear retirement settlement language.

For those reasons, we choose to work with divorce attorneys (“TOVA Partners”) who will prioritize:

  1. Depth and quality, and value over volume.
  2. Our services are comprehensive & streamlined because we have found that practitioners need help in every aspect of dealing with retirement assets. We step in to cover benefits verification, valuation/tracing of marital share, settlement language, expert testimony, and drafting QDROs with pre-approvals.
  3. Our pricing is a reflection of the exceptional value we bring to each case, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Exclusive Benefits for TOVA Partners

  • Media Exposure 🎙️: Share your story on our Beyond the Bar Podcast, alongside other legal trailblazers and celebs like Tom Arnold, Ice-T, etc., elevating your public profile. View episodes at TOVARetirement.com/podcast.
  • Education for Success: Keep ahead of the curve with our “Beyond Law School” masterclasses, tailored for legal professionals across all levels. From foundational knowledge for new associates to advanced strategies for seasoned pros, we’ve got you covered.

If this aligns with you, we look forward to working together.

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