Meet our core team

Denisa Tova-Liebman, CFP, CDFA, CQS, MBA

Denisa Tova-Liebman is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Certified QDRO Specialist (CQS™), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), and brings nearly 20 years of experience working with matrimonial attorneys. She has assisted in hundreds of matrimonial matters both in the US and internationally. Her unique financial background allows her to provide expertise in the areas of retirement asset valuation, tracing analysis to determine marital/non-marital component, QDRO preparation, drafting of settlement language that comports to the provisions of the retirement plans, and consulting on settlement options of retirement assets. In addition to ‘standard’ QDROs, she has prepared and consulted on complex DROs for various supplemental/excess non-qualified plans for highly compensated executives. Denisa is also a recognized QDRO / Pension Valuation expert for the UK lawyers and the Courts and her expert report and pension sharing orders have been accepted by the UK Courts. She is frequently appointed by US and UK lawyers to perform analysis and valuation of retirement assets, draft settlement language and provide options for equitable distribution settlements.

Denisa has been qualified and has testified as an expert in New York Supreme Court 9th judicial district. She also consults attorneys in foreign jurisdictions on the valuation of retirement assets. Her pension sharing and QDRO work have been accepted by the UK Courts.

Denisa harnesses her extensive expertise to educate divorce practitioners through a series of monthly educational programs, that have also been provided as continuing legal education for various legal organizations including the Matrimonial Bar Associations, Collaborative Law Associations, and Mediation Associations, as well as private law firms and judges both within the US and internationally (refer to the comprehensive presentation list). Further solidifying her role as a thought leader in the field, she initiated the “Beyond the Bar” video podcast series, where she engages with legal luminaries, offering deep insights and fostering a personal connection within the professional community. Before establishing her presence in New York, Denisa was a recognized financial expert on television, appearing on prominent platforms such as NBC, ABC affiliates, and Fox News in Colorado, where she adeptly simplified complex financial topics for a wider audience.

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Christina Schmidt
Senior QDRO Consultant

Christina has been navigating the complex world of QDROs with precision and expertise for over two decades. She began her journey into QDROs on the plan administration side working with corporate counsels to establish QDRO plan and administration requirements, while reviewing QDROs and maintaining client relationships with a large number of Fortune 500 companies. As a retirement plan divorce consultant, she understands QDRO drafting and plan administration requirements and is able to convey the same information to our clients in an easy and understandable way.

Omar Mirza

Omar Mirza
Global Retirement & Pension Valuation Director

Actuarial specialist with focused expertise in pension valuation and tracking of marital/non-marital components of retirement accounts. Over a decade of experience in extensive benefit calculations for defined contribution and defined benefits plans, IRS qualified and non-qualified splits, valuations of Cash Balance Plans, and determining premiums and cash reserves for future liabilities. Actuarial consultant for Fortune 100 companies and top pension funds globally.

Sharon Edelman

Sharon Edelman
Executive Case Manager

Sharon is a paralegal with over 20 years of legal experience specializing in matrimonial matters. She has worked at several large law firms in the New York metropolitan area where she handled all phases of legal matters and litigation including pleadings, discovery, expert witnesses, subpoenas, attorney calendars, and filing of court documents. Prior to Tova QDRO, Sharon spent five years working as legal assistant to the VP and General Counsel of one of the largest trucking and freight companies in the Northeast, where she managed and maintained all of their legal cases.


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