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TOVA Purpose

We Understand Divorce Attorneys Challenge: We recognize the complexities of retirement assets and the shift away from traditional pensions to retirement ‘savings’ plans like 401Ks, IRAs, and 403Bs. This evolution necessitates a nuanced approach to division, steering clear of outdated practices that often lead to delays and inequitable outcomes.


How TOVA Helps Divorce Attorneys:

STREAMLINED SERVICES: TOVA eases the complexities of retirement asset division from start to finish. We offer comprehensive assistance, including verifying retirement benefits, valuation of retirement plans, analyzing non-marital share, providing settlement language, and drafting QDROs with pre-approvals.

EDUCATION & COMMUNITY: Divorce attorneys keep up with relevant case law, industry updates and best settlement practices with our monthly high-quality educational programs and advanced training. Our Beyond the Bar Podcast featuring legal trailblazers and celebrities provides additional insights, fostering a community of learning and professional growth.

Comprehensive Services

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Our Services

QDRO Preparation & Consulting Services

We prepare QDRO or QDRO-like instruments for all types of plans, both domestic and international. We consult on all QDRO-related matters.

Drafting of Settlement Language

We help you draft clear and correct retirement settlement language that will be effectuated by retirement plans.

Marital/Non-marital Tracing Analysis of Defined Contribution Plans

We trace and separate your client’s pre-marital balance together with investment earnings and any post-date cutoff contributions.

Present Value of Pension Plans

We provide present-value calculations of pension plans often used by attorneys to offset against other assets.

Cross-Border Divorce Services

We provide consulting, QDRO and retirement valuation services in cross-border divorces.

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