A full-service QDRO and Retirement Valuation Firm serving clients worldwide.

TOVA Purpose

We support divorce attorneys through QDRO and retirement valuation services and education so they can guide their clients to fairness and equity and avoid malpractice. We provide superior customer service and set the industry standard for proper retirement asset division.

Concierge Service - but without the high price

Real Support - not just a
1-800 number

Rapid Delivery - without sacrificing the quality

Our Services

QDRO Preparation & Consulting Services

We prepare QDRO or QDRO-like instruments for all types of plans, both domestic and international. We consult on all QDRO-related matters.

Drafting of Settlement Language

We help you draft clear and correct retirement settlement language that will be effectuated by retirement plans.

Marital/Non-marital Tracing Analysis of Defined Contribution Plans

We trace and separate your client’s pre-marital balance together with investment earnings and any post-date cutoff contributions.

Present Value of Pension Plans

We provide present-value calculations of pension plans often used by attorneys to offset against other assets.

Cross-Border Divorce Services

We provide consulting, QDRO and retirement valuation services in cross-border divorces.

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